Traditional Wedding Car Etiquette – Your Guide

When it comes to the wedding car or cars you’ve hired out, tradition is often an essential part of the whole affair. Traditional marriage is something which involves a lot of notions which is now firmly established within the minds of most people, and car etiquette is part of it. We’re taking a look at what tradition says should happen when it comes to the wedding cars you’ve selected for the event.

Wedding car etiquette

The rules which govern how you move people to and from the event will vary from one place to another, and is also subject to things like budget and the size of the party, although there rules which are accepted and followed.

Firstly, it is customary for the bride to travel with whoever is giving her away during the wedding ceremony. This is usually the father of the bride, but it will vary from person to person as to who gives them away. As well as this, the bridesmaids need to travel with the mother of the bride. When hiring a car for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride, making sure you have enough space is very important. Finally, a third car is to be allotted for the groom and his groomsmen.

So as a summary, the traditional wedding involves the use of three separate cars. As the bride and groom should not see each other before the ceremony starts, they’ll need to be in different vehicles completely. One car will transport the groom and the groomsmen. Another vehicle will be for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. A third and final car will be for the bride and the person who is giving her away during the ceremony.

When it comes to scenarios like these, you need to be properly prepared, as so to ensure a seamless transition from your homes to the place where the wedding is taking place. Detail is everything and making sure that you’ve picked the right vehicle is also part of the process which ensures a smooth and successful wedding day. You should plan out transport a long time beforehand, so there is no uncertainty or doubt about who is travelling with who and where everyone will meet. This will help you to ensure that the wedding goes down without a hitch and that no one is stressing when they do not need to.

Overall, the rules regarding transportation of the wedding goers are ones which have been firmly ingrained in the minds of many for years. It is a very traditional process which a lot of people follow, and making sure you have the correct vehicle and that everything is planned out is vital to ensuring the success of the wedding. After all, there is only one real wedding, so make sure that you get it right is important because this is such a big day and you obviously want it to go down well for the bride and groom.