Hire Nissan GTR


  • 1 Weekday £450
  • 2 Weekday £700
  • Weekend £750
  • Long Weekend £1000

Here are some pictures of our Nissan GTR hire car

Rear side shot of gtr hire car

Side view hire nissan gtr  Rear side low photo of hire nissan gtr scotland Car Seekers Rear photo of nissan gtr hire scotland Low front side shot of nissan gtr hire car Inside seats of hire nissan gtr car Scotland Front of Nissan GTR hire car

Hire Nissan GTR in Scotland

Hire Nissan GTR from Car Seekers today – you will love every minute! The GTR has been Nissans flagship performance car for over 25 years. Initially launched as the Skyline and now evolved into the latest R-35 version of the GTR which was introduced in 2008.

The all new Nissan GTR has an ever impressive presence amongst other cars and supercars. The car sits well and looks menacing even when stationary. Inside the car is kitted out to a fairly high standard. The seats are hugging yet still comfortable for a car of this performance. There is a tonne of information available for the driver which is all displayed through a central screen. Everything from oil temperature, percentage of throttle, gravitational sensors, tyre pressure, and the list goes on. Our Nissan GTR for hire comes with built in satellite navigation so no need for any additional unit. The GTR has a push button start/stop, making sure the car is in park and the brake pedal is pressed, push the button to start and it comes to life! The engine note of the V6 twin turbo is incredible! Once you start driving along you will find the steering to be quite remarkable as you get a very good feel of what the wheels are doing. With the Nissan GTR hire car it comes with a choice of suspension and transmission settings ranging from comfort for greater traction on wet or un-even bumpy roads through to standard mode when driving normally and then to ‘R’ mode which is the ultimate setting. The suspension firms, throttle response is greater and the car in auto will rev higher too – ideal for those fast open roads. Although automatic, the car also has paddle shift for rapid gear changes, both upwards and downwards.

The four wheel drive system that Nissan has created comes in very handy in the wet weather. It allows the car to still be super quick, capable and enjoyable with blistering traction and safety systems. The car does have four seats, but we would only suggest short journeys for four adults as it is quite cramped, but for two on long distance drives it is ideal. The car has a decent sized boot for travelling which lends this car to being an ideal all round supercar, with both performance and practicality.

The Car Seekers Nissan GTR hire car is kept in tip top condition by the folk at Litchfield who are GTR specialists.

The Small Print About Hire Nissan GTR Car

We offer delivery of the Nissan GTR hire car to your home or workplace throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. The hire rate includes 150 miles per day, and extra miles are charged at £2.00 per mile. Due to insurance restrictions, you must be at least 27 years old with 5 years driving experience to hire our Nissan GTR. We do include comprehensive insurance included in our prices. VAT is also included too. Your own bank holds a pre-authorisation deposit of £3000 before hire, which will be release upon return. However, if you do happen to have an accident resulting in a full insurance claim we will retain your deposit. However, minor damage to the car will be charged only at the rate estimated necessary to cover the repair, and we will then refund the remaining balance. The £3000 deposit can be reduced by paying the fee for collision damage waiver. The Nissan GTR hire car is fitted with a tracking and data logging device. The whole point in hiring a Nissan GTR is to have fun, but to also be sensible and drive with care for other road users. We encourage you to enjoy our GTR hire car, but not to abuse it.